Scuba Tank Services

Scuba Tank Services

Valve Service

Valves can suffer more abuse than any other part of your tanks.

  • The valve opening can chip.
  • Valve stems can break.
  • Burst discs can blow.
  • O-rings can oxidize and sometimes just go missing.
  • Corrosion or other contaminants can coat the inside of the valve.

The good news is we have the knowledge, skills, parts and equipment to make your valves work like new. We can service yoke, DIN and European M25 valves. You should have your valves serviced any time they do not open and close smoothly and easily.

Valve service is similar to a regulator overhaul.

  • We start by completely disassembling the valve. If need be, we clean all components in an ultrasonic bath. (This is a standard part of the oxygen cleaning process.)
  • We then inspect all valve parts, replacing those that need it or are beyond their service life. This includes all O-rings.
  • We then reassemble the valve, ensuring it works like new. For valves used with anything other than air, we do this using Viton O-rings and oxygen-compatible lubricant.

We include valve service t no charge with all hydros. If replacement parts are needed, will let you know what and how much.

Visit our price list page for current pricing.

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