Scuba Tank Services

Scuba Tank Services

Cylinder Tumbling

The presence of rust or corrosion does not mean your cylinders are a lost cause. We have been able to resurrect tanks whose owners were convinced were beyond redemption. Doing so usually involves a process known as tumbling.

  • We start by draining the cylinder, opening it up and emptying out any loose items that shouldn’t be there.
  • We then perform an initial visual inspection to ensure that there is no damage so severe that tumbling is not an option.
  • If the tank appears salvageable (it usually does) we fill the tank partway with a solution that contains a special aggregate.
  • We then place the tank on rollers that will turn it over slowly over a period of several hours. How long will depend on how much corrosion must be removed.
  • Once the rust is gone, we will empty the tank, rinse the inside and perform another visual inspection. This will confirm not only the absence of rust or corrosion, but that any pitting is within acceptable tolerances.
  • Because the tumbling process does cause a minor reduction in wall thickness, we generally conduct a hydro to ensure the tank has maintained an acceptable level of structural integrity.
  • When done, we can give you back a tank that is “like new” on the inside and has a current VIP and hydro.

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