Scuba Tank Services

Scuba Tank Services

Air and Nitrox Fills

If it holds breathable gas, we can probably fill it. This not only includes scuba tanks but SCBA, emergency oxygen, paintball, air rifle and Spare Air cylinders. In addition to air, we offer Nitrox fills up to EAN70.

As we want to ensure the safety of both our customers and staff, here are things you will want to keep in mind:

  • You must be able to provide proof of certification showing you are qualified to use the gas mixture you will be getting.
  • All cylinders must have a current VIP and hydro.
  • As we fill via partial-pressure blending, any cylinders used for gas mixtures other than air must be O2 clean. The VIP sticker must attest to this.

We can do most fills while you wait. Or you can drop your tanks off and pick them up later.

We offer air and Nitrox fill “cards” that allow you to save money by buying in bulk. These aren’t actual cards that can be lost or damaged, but virtual cards we track on our computer.

Visit our price list page for current pricing.

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