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Scuba Tank Services

Oxygen Cleaning

Any cylinder exposed to oxygen concentrations greater than 40 percent must be O2 clean. This includes:

  • Nitrox cylinders filled via partial-pressure blending
  • Decompression cylinders
  • Aviation and medical O2 bottles

What does O2 cleaning entail?

  • The inside of the cylinder must be completely free of any potentially combustible material such as carbon deposits, oil or non-oxygen-compatible lubricants. This requires a special cleaning process.
  • The cylinder valve must be completely disassembled and cleaned in an ultrasonic bath until, like the tank itself, it is completely free of potentially combustible contaminants.
  • Prior to reassembly, the valve’s O-rings and other components must be replaced with one using oxygen-compatible material such as FKM and Viton.
  • The cylinder and valve must be reassembled using oxygen-compatible lubricants.

Turnaround times for oxygen cleaning will vary depending on the condition of your cylinder.

  • If a cylinder is in excellent condition, we can complete the process in as little as 24 hours.
  • A steel cylinder that requires tumbling to remove rust may take us as much as three days.

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