Scuba Tank Services

Scuba Tank Services


When we say “Best prices and fastest turnaround,” we mean it.

Visual inspection$13.95same day
Aluminum hydro$35.0072 hours
Steel hydro$37.0072 hours
4500 PSI carbon fiber hydro$69.9572 hours
230 SCF Hydro$69.957 days
Tank Tumbling$34.95
O2 cleaning$39.95
Valve service$29.95
Air fills$6.00
Nitrox fills (up to 32%)$12.00
Nitrox fills (33% to 40%)$14.00
Nitrox fills (over 40%)$18.00
Oxygen fills$0.45/ft3
Double tank breakdown/assembly$25.00
Excessive corrosion surcharge$7.95

Please Note

  • Prices are for single cylinders.
  • Turnaround times may vary; however, we can usually adhere to the times shown.
  • Turnaround times not listed will vary depending on how much work we must do.

Industry Discount

  • Industry discounts may be available for businesses with federal EINs. Please ask.
  • If you can provide us with a copy of your Florida Annual Resale Certificate , we will not charge you sales tax.
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