Visual / Visual Plus Inspection

Scuba Tank Services, LLC provides DOT required visual inspections of cylinders. All Inspections are PSI - PCI certified and perform all inspections in accorance with established guidelines by PSI - PCI (Professional Cylinder Inspectors), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and CGA (Compressed Gas Association) standards. These associations are the organizations who set the standard in testing, procedures. 

Visual Inspections can be preformed and completed same day. our customers time is as important to us as our service to them. 

For our Customers who have pre 1988 Aluminum Luxfer Scuba Tanks, we will still perform a Visual Eddy-Current inspection for your tank as long as it is still in Hydro.  If it is out of Hydro, we will not inspect the tank.

We also offer Wholesale Pricing on our Visual Inspections for organizations with an EIN, and no tax for customers with a valid Resale Certificate. Contact Us to find out more about these special pricing options.