Tank Valve Rebuilding / Service 

Our tank valves take more abuse than anything else on the tank. They get chips in the Eye of the Tank, Broken Valve Stems, Burst Disk Blown, O-rings going bad, and sometimes they just go missing. Some valves display the corrosion of the tank they were in. Your valves can be saved, rebuilt or serviced, and work like brand new. 

We service all tank valves: Yoke, DIN, and M25 European Tank Vales. We completely disassemble your valve, service all parts that can be serviced, and replace any parts that are past their service life. 

We also do a Tank Valve Inspection/ Service with all of the Hydrostatic inspections we complete just to ensure our customers are receiving fully operational tanks when we give them back. If no parts are needed there is no cost for this inspection during Hydro. If we find bad parts we will contact you to ensure you know what is wrong, and what it cost to fix the problem. 

Tank Valve Service is very important when changing over to Nitrox, as the entire valve needs to be ultrasonically cleaned, and all internal o-rings need to be replaced with Viton o-rings. 

If you need a valve rebuild, services, or O2 cleaned to make it Nitrox ready, Contact Us and let get your valve ready to dive.