Tank Tumbling Services

Have you ever looked inside your tank? Has your Dive Shop ever shown you what you are breathing when they perform an annual Visual Inspection?

Rust and Corrosion build up quicker inside Nitrox Scuba Tanks than any other tank out there, because it has an increased O2 content. Oxygen feeds rust, and it spreads very quickly. 

We offer Scuba Tank Tumbling Services to make sure that what you are breathing is safe. We use an aggergate and solution that can remove rust deposits and corrosion inside your Scuba Tanks so they can be returned to service in like new condition. 

Normally Tank Tumbling takes 48 hours, but the amount of time needed to properly fix your tank will depend on the level of corrosion it has. We have brought tanks back to service that the owner thought was way too far gone to save, so don't think your tank is a lost cause. We might be able to save it. 

We also offer Wholesale Pricing on our Tumbling Services for organizations with an EIN, and no tax for customers with a valid Resale Certificate. Contact Us to find out more about these special pricing options.