Scuba Diving Soft Weight Made in House for the Best Prices You can find!

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Tired of hard weights poking you in the kidneys while you swim? The Soft Mesh Weight Bag (manufactured in house, and 100% USA products) conforms to the shape of your body so you can slip beneath the waves without bruising your hip bones.

The weight bag easily fits in BCD pockets or belt pouches. The soft design changes shape to fill the available space, making it possible to load more weight into smaller pockets. The soft design won't scratch or pierce your wetsuit or BCD, extending the life of your equipment. The Soft Weight Bag is much more comfortable than traditional weights and they won't hurt as much if you drop them on your toes. The durable mesh back has a stitched closure. The weights are color coded so you can easily tell them apart when adjusting your buoyancy on a dive. They also come with an easy-to-read identification tag.

Choosing Your Weights
Mix and match low-numbered weights for the accuracy and versatility to adjust your buoyancy beneath the waves. For example: Instead of using two 4 lb weights to dive with 8 lbs, you can use two 1 lb weights and two 3 lb weights. That gives you the flexibility to drop down to 6 lbs as needed.