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Need your scuba tank Hydro Tested or VIP'd

Get them done Cheap with a 2 to 3 day turn around.

Hydro, VIP & Air, ONLY $19.95 each for 4 or more tanks, or $24.95 each for 1 to 3 tanks
We offer volume discount & free pick up/delivery for Dive Shops, & Dive Charters. Call for pricing!

We won't fail your expensive steel tanks cause we do it according to factory procedures,
and we use the latest VIP technology (Visual Plus 3 with VisualDepth) which measures pits accurately
and reduces Visual Inspection failures

We can also do an accurate VIP on your pre-88 tanks & will gladly fill them for you

We offer many scuba tank services:

What we do:
  • Hydrostatic testing: We do Scuba, Paint ball, Co2, Oxygen cylinders (average 3 day turn around, Overnight in some cases)

  • Visual Plus 3 with VisualDepth, actual pit depth measurement in thousands of an inch. (we don't guess)

  • Air Fills (You get a GOOD fill) with Oxygen Compatible Air. (nitrox & Trimix coming soon)

  • Oxygen service cleaning (tank & valve) Convert your air tank to Nitrox

  • Tank tumbling

  • Valve service

  • We can also Hydro your Paint Ball tanks

Price schedule:

Hydro & VIP: (we can put a little air if you use nitrox or fill the tank with OCA) $24.95 for 1 to 3 tanks, $19.95 for 4 or more tanks
For pre-1988 Luxfer tanks $29.95
This price is for all tanks: Steel, aluminum, Pony to 149cf

VIP only (we can put a little OCA air if you use nitrox.)
Aluminum tanks, $8.00
Steel tanks, $5.00
For pre-1988 LUXFER tanks $10.00

Tumbling: $20.00

O2 Cleaning: $20.00 for the tank, $15 for the valve

Valve service: $15.00 + Parts

Stripping paint: $15.00

Air fills: $5.00
For pre-1988 LUXFER tanks $6.00 ($5.00 if we have done the VIP)

FREE for any tank 19cf or smaller

Doubles: There is a $20.00 charge to disassemble & reassemble doubles for VIP or Hydro.
You can save this fee by disassembling & reassembling yourself

Excessive corrosion: There is a $5.00 charge to clean blisters on the exterior of the tank for visual inspection
You can save the $5.00 by doing it yourself. Use a razor blade, scraper or wire brush to break the blisters & clean the corrosion
off of the tank.



Note: Tanks left over 30 days will be sold to cover service bill.
We can make arrangements in some circumstances.

Now Serving Nitrox Fills (Partial Pressure).

Big News!

Our Hydro equipment has arrived. But...we haave to relocate to a bigger facility.
We will be doing In-House Hydro very soon,
to provide you with better service & faster turnaround

Call 954 667-2734


We are located at 5931 Ravenswood Rd. / Anglers Ave.... Just south of of Bass Pro Shop & Divers Direct
In the Ocean Predator Custom Rods Shop
If coming there call John at 954 850-9185

New Location

We have moved again to a larger bay (same complex a few buildings down)
The exact address is 5937 Ravenswood rd. bay H-12, Dania 33312
If I am not available however, you CAN still pick up or drop off at the fishing rod shop.

Location of the new shop

PLEASE: Call before coming to the shop. Because of Pick Up & Deliveries we are NOT always there.
Call and we will arrange to meet you there.

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