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Need your scuba tank Hydro Tested or VIP'd

Get them done Cheap with a 2 to 3 day turn around.

Hydro, VIP & Air, ONLY $19.95 each for 6 or more tanks, or $24.95 each for 1 to 5 tanks
We offer volume discount & free pick up/delivery for Dive Shops, & Dive Charters. Call for pricing!

Note: We no longer service Luxfer or Walter Kidde Pre 1988 tanks

We offer many scuba tank services:

What we do:
  • Hydrostatic testing: We do Scuba, Paint ball, Co2, Oxygen cylinders average 2 to 3 day turn around. RUSH service available

  • Visual Plus 3 with VisualDepth, actual pit depth measurement in thousands of an inch. (we don't guess)

  • Air Fills (You get a GOOD fill) with Oxygen Compatible Air. Nitrox available now ( Trimix coming soon)

  • Oxygen service cleaning (tank & valve) Convert your air tank to Nitrox

  • Tank tumbling (Cleans corrosion or rust)

  • Valve service

Price schedule:

Hydro & VIP: (we can put a little air if you use nitrox or fill the tank with OCA) $24.95 for 1 to 5 tanks, $19.95 for 6 or more tanks
(group yours and your friends tank for 6+ volume discount)

This price is for all tanks: Steel, aluminum, Pony to 149cf

VIP Only (we can put a little OCA air if you have a fill card from another shop)
Aluminum tanks, $8.00
Steel tanks, $5.00

Tumbling: $25.00

O2 Cleaning: $20.00 for the tank, $15 for the valve

(Our o2 cleaning procedure involves tumbling the tank up to 2 days with cleaning solution
You get a rust or corrosion free tank, that is like new and suitable for oxygen service)

Valve service: $15.00 + Parts

Stripping paint: $20.00

Air fills: $5.00 (prepay for 10, get 12 or prepay for 20, get 25)

Nitrox fills: (Partial Pressure Only) Up to 34% $10, 35% to 40% $12

FREE AIR for any tank 19cf or smaller

Doubles: There is a $20.00 charge to disassemble & reassemble doubles for VIP or Hydro.
You can save this fee by disassembling & reassembling yourself

Excessive corrosion: There is a $5.00 charge to clean blisters on the exterior of the tank for visual inspection
You can save the $5.00 by doing it yourself. Use a razor blade, scraper or wire brush to break the blisters & clean the corrosion
off of the tank.



Note: Tanks left over 30 days will be sold to cover service bill.
We can make arrangements in some circumstances.

Big News!

We are all set to do In-House Hydro, to provide you with better service & faster turnaround
Just waiting for our RIN stamp. It should be here in Mid July 2015

Call 954 667-2734


We were located at 5931 Ravenswood Rd. / Anglers Ave.... Just south of of Bass Pro Shop & Divers Direct
In the Ocean Predator Custom Rods Shop (see pics below)
If coming there call John at 954 850-9185

He's there usually between 3:30 and 6:00pm weekdays and all day Saturday, always call first, he does run errands at times.


We have moved again to a larger bay (same complex, in the buildings next to the fishing rod shop
(the one facing Ravenswood rd) The exact address is 5933 Ravenswood rd. bay BB-5 and BB-7, Dania 33312
If I am not available however, you CAN still pick up or drop off at the fishing rod shop.

Location of the new shop

PLEASE: Call before coming to the shop. Because of Pick Up & Deliveries we are NOT always there.
Call and we will arrange to meet you there.

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