Air / Nitrox Fills

We offer Scuba Tank Fills of both Air and Nitrox of up to 70%. ( You must have an Nitrox II Certification, or Advanced Nitrox Certification in order to receive a fill of over 40%). 

We offer Fill Cards, for both Air and Nitrox, that greatly reduce the price of each fill, and we keep track of your fills for you, so no pesky cards to keep up with.  Your fills will be done while you wait, or you can drop off and pick up later. 

When filling Nitrox, your Scuba Tank must be inspected and certified in order to receive a Nitrox Fill. If your Visual Inspection Sticker does not indicate that Scuba Tank has been properly O2 cleaned, we will require it is O2 cleaned prior to getting it filled. That is a service we can provide for you.  We want to ensure the safety of our employees, as well as the safety of the divers using these tanks. 

We also fill SCBA's, Paint Ball Tanks, Air Rifle tanks, and Spare Air Tanks. 

We offer wholesale Pricing on our Tank Fills to organizations with an EIN, and no tax for customers with a valid Resale Certificate. Contact Us to find out more about these special pricing options if you are in a business that uses compressed air.