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Welcome to Scuba Tank Service!

Well I'm just a diver, like you. I was certified in 2007.. but shortly after, bought a business that I was a slave to for a couple of years, until I finally got rid of it. Shortly after buying the business, I sold all my mostly brand new and expensive gear, as I didn't see any chances of diving in the near future.

After getting rid of that business, I started looking for used gear online to start diving again... There's no way I was going to spend thousands of dollars at the dive shops. I shopped craigslist, but found soooo much old crap on that site. Stuff that belongs in the garbage.... Occasionally though, I found some people were selling really nice gear. Of course the best deals were in buying complete set ups. But then I ended up with many things that I could not use.. so I started reselling. I kept buying to hopefully get a whole outfit that would work for me, which I eventually did!

I'm still buying today, in fact. If someone is selling "Like New" gear that is still current... I will buy. I look specifically for tanks, though. I love tanks! So I've been focusing on buying & selling tanks. The drawback to buying tanks is that most of them are out of Hydro and/or out of VIP.

For the longest time I was paying some $37.50 at my LSDS for Hydro, VIP & Fill... If I bought a tank for $50.00 & added $37.50 for Hydro... Guess what? I wasn't making crap, even if I sold the tank for $95.00 to $100.00

Well It took me a while but I finally found a Hydro shop that would give me a reasonable discount... cause I brought in a lot of tanks. I also invested in getting certified to do VIP, O2 Cleaning & Valve service. I even got my own breathing air compressor, since the clowns at my lds, were giving me such a hard time about filling my empty tanks that were fresh out of the Hydro shop. I will NEVER spend a dime at that LDS again

So here we are!
I was tired of paying ridiculous prices at the lds for Hydro, VIP & Air. Besides these bozos that I went to, couldn't fill doubles or larger (120cf or bigger) because it wouldn't fit in their fill station... They also had a real problem with Pre-1988 tanks. They didn't even want to look at them. So I had to go somewhere else to fill those tanks.

As such, I would just like to provide a great, hassle free service to divers, at really reasonable prices...
We offer the best price in town on Hydro/VIP/Air fills. We also do tumbling, o2 Cleaning, Valve service, Paint stripping, Re-painting, Polishing where possible... And Of Course we'll do your pre-88 tanks. NOT a problem!

Our compressor is a Mako with a Bauer K15 pump. It has been totally rebuilt & delivers OCA (Oxygen Compatible Air)
see our Purity certificate Here
We are now working on setting up Nitrox, and soon thereafter, Trimix...

We also buy & sell good used tanks.
From 13cf Aluminum Pony bottle to 120cf, High Pressure Steel tanks: including Doubles.
Check our Sales pages to see what we have available.

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or you can contact us at: scubatankservices@gmail.com

or by phone: Text or call 954 667-2734